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Insider Tips For Spiritual Bali

Are you ready to embark on a soul searching journey to the heart of sacred Bali?


✨ If you're wanting to go beyond the beach bars and tattoo parlours in Bali - this is your guide.

✨ If you've felt 'that feeling' in Bali - the magic, the depth, the knowing that there's something beyond the island than the beaches - this is your guide.

✨ If you're wanting to go on you're own 'Eat, Pray, Love' journey and understand Bali at a deeper level - this is your guide.


Dive deep into the mystical realm of the "Island Of The Gods" with our exclusive Spiritual Bali Guide – your passport to uncovering the hidden treasures and ancient wisdom that make Bali the place to be for spiritual seekers and explorers alike.


🌺 Immerse yourself in Balinese spirituality with insider tips on rituals, sacred sites and hidden gems.

🙏 Connect with local healers and wisdom keepers for transformative experiences.

🌅 Embrace the magic of Bali and embark on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.


Whether you’ve been to Bali before, you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or simply curious about Balinese spirituality and culture, this guide is your essential companion to exploring the spiritual heart of Bali.


This 45-page guide will guide you to:

  • Discover the best places to visit in Bali for spiritual exploration, including must-see temples, healing centres and yoga studios.
  • Learn about Balinese culture and traditions, including daily rituals, ceremonies and festivals.
  • Receive personal tips and insights from a half-Balinese spiritual mentor and guide on the best local healers, hidden temples and spiritual experiences.

and so much more.. 



You will receive all updated versions of the Bali Spiritual Guide - so you'll always be updated on the best places to visit and the best Balinese healers to see. Plus the Bali Spiritual Guide will get even bigger! Additional content that will be rolled out in future versions.


What People Are Saying:

Jess is one of those rare women who is blessed with youth *and* wisdom. My last trip to Bali was made ever so richer by the traditional Balinese culture being shared in a way that I could interpret and bring back to my life in Aus. Anyone going to Bali needs this woman by their side! ~ Sarah K Jones

"Anyone going to Bali needs this woman by their side"

I learnt so much from Jessica on my Bali trip. I felt immersed in local spirituality without it ever feeling like a tourist experience. I have managed to bring some of that magic home. I didn't expect my trip to be near as rich and transformative as it was, it was a lovely surprise and I have managed to bring some of that magic home ~ Kelly Barrett

"I felt immersed in local spirituality"

Another bonus on this Retreat in Bali came in the form of a ‘genuine’ modern Balinese woman. Young and fresh with a strong sense of self and her culture, she delivered her knowledge and experiences of life in Balinese culture – I enjoyed learning about it ~ Heathermeg

"A genuine modern Balinese woman"

I was extremely fortunate enough to be in the gentle and caring hands of Jessica on my trip to Bali. She had a thorough knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions and was able to show me the spiritual side that would be dismissed or at least not have the depth of explanation by the usual tour groups ~ Kim Victoria

"A thorough knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions"

Jess your involvement and help on this beautiful Bali Retreat was wonderful. Your knowledge on all things ‘Bali’ was so interesting – you opened my heart to spiritual Bali. Thank you to you and your gorgeous family for the experience of a lifetime ~ Jody McDonald

"You opened my heart to spiritual Bali"