Release | Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions - 3 Session Journey

Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions - 3 session journey that will help you release old wounds and deepen your spiritual practice.

You will receive: 

  • Three x 1:1 one hour private sessions together
  • In-person in Melbourne, online via Zoom or distant healing
  • One session per week/fortnight/month
  • Three hours of healing together including unlimited email and WhatsApp check-ins and support between sessions
  • Sessions must be used within three months of purchase
  • This safe and intuitive healing can utilise Intuitive Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Reiki - Tibetan and Usui and Cherokee Bodywork.
  • Please note: These sessions are energy healing sessions and you will not receive guidance or messages from the spirit world.

Energy Healings are powerful and can move and shift energy within the body. This healing modality calls on a highly vibrational healing frequency to help support increasing mental clarity, improving sleep and reduce feelings of stress by calming your mind and body.

So much is possible when we are ready to peel back the layers, go that step deeper and are ready to embrace all that there is acknowledge. It's time to let go of what no longer resonates with you and call in your heart's desires.

Are you ready to surrender to the limitless possibilities of energy healings?

Whatever has guided you here, know that you're here for a reason - I'm ready to hold space for you.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you Jess. You helped open a door for me and I'm so excited to learn more and continue healing. My whole experience with you has just been so inspiring. I would love to come back for more energy healing sessions when I am in Melbourne.

Krystal - Australia

Jess is an incredible person. From the moment I met her, her energy and vibe was something I wanted to be around, and know more about. I booked myself in for a breathwork and energy healing session, and it was in that moment that I realised just how truly amazing she is. Having her in my space was instantly calming. She talked me through every moment of the session, which I was initially terrified to do, because it was so new to me. She was gentle, she was kind and made me feel so reassured during the process. The session was mind blowing. I could feel a shift within myself immediately. And that continued over time. Jess’ beautiful support guided me to a place of peace and contentment. I know I still have a lot of work to do within myself, but with Jess checking in and touching base regularly, I know we can achieve amazing things together. Her service is one of a kind, and I highly recommend you book yourself in if it’s something you’ve thought about. I certainly know this is just the beginning of my healing journey. And what a person to embark on this with. So much love and gratitude for you Jess.

Jess - Australia

$429.00 AUD