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Become a Spiritual Life Coach

Become a Spiritual Life Coach

Many moons ago in 2014, I remember when the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy (BYCA) opened its doors to welcome caring, down-to-earth individuals who were wanting to make a change in the world. I remember it so vividly. There was lots of hype among the female entrepreneurs that I was hanging with both online and in-person. Although at that stage of my entrepreneurial journey I wasn't ready to become a life coach (plus I had plans to go to South America and Europe again) - deep down I knew that one day I was going to be learning from Julie Parker and her Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy team. 

Diving Timing

Fast forward to 2018 – I started to get nudges from the universe that it was time to sign up. The same inner critic, although a little older and wiser, tried to cast a shadow over this knowing – "Who am I to be a Life Coach?, Am I even old enough to have life experiences that help me to be a life Coach?" "What do I have to teach others that no one else has....?"

One thing you learn as a Beautiful You Life Coach is that everyone can be a life coach because we all have unique life experiences - regardless of how old we are. If there is a willingness to motivate, teach and guide others to success – who says you're too young to coach?

World Class Training 

Over the 6 month life-changing journey, I studied to be a life Coach. The jam-packed training manuals, live coaching calls, honest and loving feedback, connection and support was beyond my wildest dreams. Each lesson is carefully constructed with the course being certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

The training helped me to become a Life Coach but I grew as an individual – the personal development program aimed to teach us how to become beautiful, heart-led coached, to deepen our own personal development, to create ripple effects in the world through our offerings and live a life inspiring and guiding others 

Social Justice & Equity

Something dear to my heart is BYCA's commitment to justice and equity. Something I have seen grow stronger over the years is Julie Parker's commitment to diversity – welcoming people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, gender identities and religions. The Academy's commitment to actively work and commit to a diverse representation of people within their trainers, marketing and gatherings is truly the step forward for change and for those who hold an underrepresented identity such as being Black, Brown, Indigenous, a Person of Colour, a person with a disability or those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual queer, intersex or asexual. BYCA are paving the way for coaching academies worldwide by building a diverse community of coaches. 

Synchronicities – Meeting the Parker's

All graduates get an opportunity to meet other coaches in person at Inspirational Meet Ups where you can connection with fellow trainers, trainers and coaches. The events are optional and have been held in many cities around the world. I was so grateful to connect with the BYCA community in Hobart, Tasmania in 2019. 

As I walked into the function room to get my name badge, Julie Parker's husband Glenn greeted me and was trying to find my name badge. At the time I had no idea who he was but I knew that I knew him! It turns out that my claim to fame with the Parker's is that I'm officially (that I know of) the only person to be taught by both the incredible Julie Parker through her academy BYCA and her lovely husband Gleen Parker – who taught me in 2001 and 2002 within my Hospitality Management course. The synchronicities of it all and how two worlds have collided and come full circle is – wow! 

Questions to ask before becoming a Life Coach

  • Do you love to support people and make meaningful change in their lives? 
  • Are you passionate about motivating others and love watching people shine? 
  • Are you ready for your own personal growth whilst you embrace your Life Coaching journey? 
  • Are you ready to live the life you've always dreamed of and really embrace the work/life/balance motto? 

If you feel called to become Spiritual Life Coach I would love to help guide you on your journey and support you through the experience. By enrolling to be a Beautiful You Life Coach via me, you will receive dedicated support, access to my programs and one on one life coaching. 

If this resonates with you and you're ready to rise up and become a heart-centered Life Coach then check out how you can sign up and how I can support you here. 


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